Climate ethics

Area that focuses on the impact climate change will have on human life and well-being.

Also sometimes called Climate Justice.

Recently, the ethical aspects of climate change has received more attention. The focus on ethics is seen both in academics and in the public debate on climate change.

Ethical issues provide a strong justification for action to mitigate global warming. Adaptation to global warming is also often planned on the basis of ethical considerations.

In spite of the increase in interest many people argue that ethical considerations should have a bigger impact on actual policy and protocols.

There is a program under the UNFCCC concerned with ethical issues. It is called The Collaborative Program on the Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change. It was started in December 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Even though ethical considerations have received more attention in recent years there is still very little actual knowledge about future impact on human life.

Indeed climate ethics is one of the areas in which some climate skeptics have been vocal. To improve as many human lives as possibly it is better to use money on other issues than climate change, some of the skeptics argue.